A series of sculptures
by Leslie Bruning

The most recent new pieces, named Vector Series uses four carefully defined linear forms that fit in a rectangular format, two which have straight edge architectural qualities and two that have curved organic qualities. Two to four of these forms are placed on a circular base enabling Bruning to create a multitude of fairly simple pieces.

These pieces rely on a balance of positive and negative forms that flow with dynamic changing patterns as the viewer moves around the piece. This interaction is further enhanced by a limited use of color, usually lime green, that compliments the use of sparkling stainless steel.


Duo Forward

Stainless steel, 16” tall x 60” x 66”

Duo Forward belongs to a group of recent sculptures named the Vector Series. Four linear forms were created, two with straight architectural lines and two with curved organic lines that fit within a defined rectangular box. Focusing on simplicity, with a balance of positive and negative forms, a combination of two to four of these units mounded on a circular base can yield a multitude of striking sculptures. A modest use of one color, usually a lime green, plays off of the sparkling stainless steel surfaces.

Duo Forward uses two of these linear forms that posed together have a subtle figuration. The changing shapes of the negative spaces create radical evolving forms as the viewers move around the sculpture.



Stainless steel and paint, 8.5’x3’x4’

Trivium is the latest sculpture in the Vector Series. This series uses various combinations for four linear forms constructed a circular base fabricated of stainless steel and using a color to further modulate the forms. The interacting negative spaces become as visually strong as the physical structure.

Trivium has al of the above elements, this sculpture uses three elements, of which two are the same. At Two angles only straight line forms exist while at all other angles the sizes and shapes of both positive and negative forms become quite complex and dynamic. Movement of the viewer activates the sculpture. The main content of trivium is to create a personal aesthetic

(currently on loan to Wayne State College, Wayne, NE)